Bericht zum Butterfly-Projekt erscheint in Kalifonien

Butterfly-Berichterstattung in San Diego

Das in San Diego, Kalifornien, beheimatete Online-Magazin L'CHAIM hat einen Artikel über unser Butterfly-Projekt veröffentlicht.

Hier der Link dazu: German Schoolchildren Honor Young Holocaust Victims

Steven Schindler, der uns hier zusammen mit seiner Familie besucht hat, ist auch der Autor dieses Artikels. Er schreibt:

January 25 was a bitter cold and beautiful morning in Cottbus when along with my children Alex and Ariana, my brother Jeff and his son, Joey, and my partner Amy Parish, I joined extraordinary children in Cottbus to honor and memorialize Cäcilie Schindler, Hans Jakob Gutkind, Brigitte Herzberg, Ursula Breslauer, Willy Naftaniel and Zilla Fuks and other child victims of the Holocaust. And while it was a day that included some sadness, it was far outshined by the empathy and warmth of these children and the knowledge that if it were up to them alone, the future of our world would be the one inscribed on the acrylic panels that display the butterflies at the Bewegte Grundschule: peace; remembrance; tolerance; humanity; and hope.

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